About Us

We provide our services and products with unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and discretion.

About Our Company

Excivity creates and deploys mission-enabling technologies, including specialized security applications and situational awareness toolsets. We create software and hardware, perform assessments and security reviews of technology, advise clients on securely implementing technology, perform advanced Cyber Investigations, and provide unique Cyber Security Training for travelers into high technical threat environments. We make mission happen by innovating, breaking, building, and teaching.

Our clients are extraordinary. Public or Private Sector, they confront unique organizational and technical challenges. The breadth and depth of our experience in professional services and products is an unequaled asset. That experience enables their mission success.

Our team is talented, motivated, and poised to readily meet any challenge. With diverse education, experience, and backgrounds in the public and private sectors, our team is judiciously and rigorously selected. Our corporate culture of innovation, excellence, and mission, unifies our team to make your mission happen.


Our Beginnings

Excivity was founded in 2006 by Matthew Ramsey in Virginia, USA. Experienced as a corporate Vice President, innovator, and possessing a mission-centric work ethic, Matt brought in Roger Edmiston, an expert cyber security technologist. Together, they attracted a team of like-minded professionals. As the team grew, so did the expertise, capabilities, and innovative culture.

Corporate Leadership

We lead by example and instill a distinctive corporate culture of excellence and creativity. We seek, cultivate, and reward talent and form empowered teams to make mission happen.